Everest Cast at Glance

Everest Cast is a Linux-based IceCast control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of Internet Radio Hosting Solution. Everest Cast is designed to function either as a dedicated server or virtual private server.The Everest Cast version supports installation on CentOS & Ubuntu. Everest Cast is a web-based tool used by server administrators and resellers to manage IceCast hosting accounts on a web server.

Stand-Alone Streaming Control Panel

Easy Installation

Clean & Easy To Use!

Key Features to Choose Everest Cast

  • Clean & Easy to use Control Panel
  • Centralized Administration
  • One-Login Customer Accounts
  • Powerful AutoDJ Manager
  • Customizable Email
  • Account Templates for easy account creation
  • Powerful Playlist Manager
  • Advanced Resellers Panel
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Listeners on Google Map
  • Real Time Bitrate
  • schedule the playing of an external file ( giving its url )
  • Relay / Redirection
  • Email SMTP Configuration
  • Website Integration & Scripts
  • Drag & Drop File Uploader
  • Schedule the playing of an external radio program ( giving it's stream link ) for a given interval of time
  • Listeners Agents
  • System Log
  • License Status
  • Account Setup Date Info
  • Account Expiry Date Configuration
  • Easy SSL Configuration
  • Steam Links
  • Auto DJ Type: Ices (MP3), Ices (Ogg) & Liquid Soap (MP3)
  • Encoder Type: AAC+, MP3, Vorbis & Opus
  • Awesome Bandwidth Control
  • Profile Photo
  • Time Zone
  • Easy Help Section
  • Bandwidth / Traffic Monitor
  • Station ID / Intro Default PlayList
  • schedule the playing of an external file ( giving its url )
  • Responsive Admin Deshboard
  • And Many More

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