Yeti Network enables you to serve different widgets, customized ad units & notifications to accomplish your Advertisement needs in a professional way.


Place native ads to anywhere on your site, move them, change their location to make effective user impression, mobiles apps & lots of other stuff.


Track every single activity including clicks, impressions, conversions & everything else from one dashboard.

Ad Tracking System

“Yeti Network“ is a brand new innovative ad, Distribution system introduced by i-Tech Nepal. This ad distribution system enables advertisers to know exactly what they are paying for. The current advertising industry scenario of Nepalese market is completely messed up. Market is full of ineligible and non-qualified advertisement agencies that are not even capable of finding the accurate statistical data representation and exact number of viewers, visitors, impressions and clicks on daily basis. They are not capable of convincing & persuading the advertisers regarding subject matter and they cover this fault by displaying the advertisement as per agreement. This is where “Yeti Network” hits the industry.


Informative & New Techno Based System

“Yeti Network” is a complete platform which controls your distribution of advertisement in a proper way. Yeti Network provides its users with informative & fully accurate statistical data which is one of the most sought after spot in ‘Yeti Network’ by advertisers. The major function of Yeti Network is to distribute different ads through websites because this the only way that can help you in meeting the modern world advertisement standards. It also lays down a proper a marketing plan and effective future marketing strategy in front of you.

Self operating Ad system

By choosing “Yeti Network“, you can easily track every single bit of information about your ads at one single interface. This brand new ad Distribution system also empowers advertisers by providing them opportunities to change Ad banners right from their Dash Board. For making slight or major changes in your Ad’s, you won’t have to ask website owners every time. The multi-functional dash board of “Yeti Network” will allow you to make necessary changes to your ads, deploy ads, change Ad banners without asking anyone else.


Generates the Business Promotion

The major long term benefit of this unique ad Distribution system is that it will educate and train advertisers in structuring their future marketing strategies. By our detailed statistical reports, you will be able to decide which platform or website is beneficial for future marketing and which is not?

Creates Long-term Beneficial Relationships

The main goal of building this innovative system is to construct transparent relationship between advertisers and publishers. While most of the website owners keep their personal information restricted to themselves, “Yeti Network“ is a unique ad Distribution platform that unfolds each and every single activity of your target website in front of you. By using our services, you will be able to check total daily, weekly and monthly visits of a website, its actual conversion rate and other important statistical details.


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