We’re proud to announce the arrival of the next major version of Everest Cast PRO ( SHOUTcast & Icecast Hosting Control Panel ) which is now available.

Major Update:

  • WHMCS module will automatically update and available for download Here.

  • SSL support with lets encrypt (ssl for the eb interface and for Icecast streams).

  • "Login as broadcaster" now opens a new browser window or tab. Note: popup windows may be blocked in the browser, so make sure to enable them.

  • Listening links fixed.

  • Security issue fixed (when you could log in as different users after logging in as one user).

  • Web Radio control panel now has a player for the streams at the bottom, it can play your streams and also can play separate files from different playlists.

  • Default logo (globe + antenna) changed to everrest cast logo.

  • Client accounts now have custom logo on the login page (if they have uploaded one).

  • "Edit" function fixed for broadcaster accounts.

  • Listeners Statistics date showing issue fixed.

  • Uploaded music Data sync issue fixed.

  • Fixed error that showed "You can not create more stations" when you try to edit some radio server.

  • And More...

 To Upgrade 

Login to your SSH

Root login is a requirement, the installation will not function if you are not logged in as root or have sufficient sudo privileges.

Now Run the following command:

bash <(curl -s https://everestcast.com/dist/update.sh)

Install process will ask for the mysql root password. You don't have to insert any password just press Enter.

For any Issue let us know. 


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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