September 30

Version 3.18.0

✅ Lots of minor fixes and updates.

✅ Jingle block is no longer deleted if one of in/out jingle files is deleted from the filesystem

✅ In case album cover images are somehow deleted from the filesystem - they will be restored automatically.

✅ Listeners map is updated to WebGL map (better performance and look & feel)

✅ Fixed a problem with jingle blocks when the block has a random playlist track in it.

✅ AAC++, mp3 encoders now have ultra-low bitrate option - 16kbps.

✅ Fixed a problem with relay volume change

✅ New payer constructor (beta) with 50 settings to colors, branding, etc.

✅ Accessibility improvements for blind screen readers

✅ Core software libraries are updated (Python2 to Python3, Django 1.x to 2.x)


July 15

Version 3.17.4

✅  Webcaster.js works again.

✅  In case user has removed his media/jingles directory via FTP they will restore automatically.

✅  Fixed FTP security issue when user could get access to folders outside user home directory.

✅  Awstats web stats configuration file will now restore automatically if deleted by user.

✅  Fixed problem with jingle images when album cover shows up for a different jingle, not the one that is currently playing.

✅  Added support for some outdated broadcasting software that should improve metadata transmission when Dj is broadcasting live.

✅  Icecast-kh is now a default selection for new accounts in broadcaster admin admin


June 30

Version 3.17.3

✅ Installation/upgrade scripts updated to support recent CentOS changes.

✅ m3u links are fixed.

✅ The stats password is now shown next to the Stats link.


June 23

Version 3.17.2

✅ Fixed server failures causing radio stations to stop randomly.


June 15

Version 3.17.1

✅ Added an option to change volume level for relayed streams.

✅ FLAC is now compatible with Icecast-kh, not only Icecast.

✅ A complete rewrite of FLAC encoder that is now more stable and does not crash radio streams.


April 08

Version 3.16.9

✅ Fixed a problem in the scheduler that prevented rotations from working correctly.

✅ Image files for track album covers now support long names (it was limited to 100 characters before causing problems for some clients that use long image names).

✅ Fixed Dj edit functionality that caused AutoDj to stop working normally.

✅ If system will find duplicated music files within the same radio server - it will remove duplicates automatically.

✅ Now if some MP3 file uploaded by user fails to process more than 10 times - the system will remove it. This will prevent cases when it constantly trying to process the same broken MP3 over and over again ending up crashing the system completely in some cases.

✅ Multibyte character support added for Mp3 file names, this means file names with emoji or other special unicode characters will also work.

✅ Fixed a problem when server (2) was using server (1) media mirectory and after server (2) removal all files form server (1) also disappear. Now original server files are kept untouched.

✅ Fixed broken VK.com streaming.

✅ Youtube/Facebook/Vk streaming now support looping video streaming (previously it was only possible to use a static picture).


March 18

Version 3.16.7

♥ Fixed edit function for rotations on the scheduler.
♥ Fixed events displayed incorrectly on the scheduler de to winter time change


March 12

Version 3.16.6

✅  Mixed jingles are now working if crossfade is disabled.
✅  Fixed a problem that caused Icecast channels to "hang" in disconnected state.
✅  Disk quota check is now working for web uploads, preventing users from uploading new files if quota is full.
✅  Fixed 80 port proxy issues.


February 12

Version 3.16.5

✅ Fixed remote files and relays.


February 03

Version 3.16.4

✅ Fixed playlist playing on completion of non-looping playlist event.


January 29

Version 3.16.3

♥ Jingle blocks are not dropped when jingle file is removed from the filesystem.

♥ Tracks requested by listeners via jukebox are now excluded from random selection in playlists.

♥ "Break current track" option now works as it should for scheduled rotations.

♥ Built-in player that plays playlist tracks in the broadcaster interface only worked for 4 tracks and then stopped working, fixed.

♥ Same track repeat protection is now working for jingle blocks with random tracks inside.

♥ Rotations edit functionality fixed.

♥ Added an option to start rotation after non-looping playlist ends.

♥ Interval times jingles scheduled between 00:00 to 00:00 never triggered, fixed.

♥ A list of insecure chrome ports updated. Icecast/shoutcast channels will not get deprecated ports.

♥ Added an option to show/hide jingle block in playback history as common jingles do.

♥ Uploaded files had wrong file permissions in some cases, fixed.

♥ ANSI character encoding support for DJ sources.


January 06

Version 3.16.2

✅ Backup Script Fixed


January 05

Version 3.16.1

✅ Minor fixes for rotations

✅ Force users to use recommended image resolution for Youtube/FB/VK streams

✅ Optimited build to reduce CPU load


December 24

Version 3.16.0

✅ Rotations (weighted playlists)

✅ Webcaster.JS support - you can stream directly in the browser (play MP3 files, use microphone)

✅ Scheduler fix for events that have messed up different time zones

✅ Sound distortion at the beginning of some files fixed.

✅ Fixed folder deletion

✅ Portugueas language

✅ Fixed track duplications when importing m3u files.