Stand-Alone Control Panel

Everest Cast Pro is 100% stand-alone Audio Streaming Control Panel with the simple few ssh command, you will able to install all required features.

Compatible with CentOS 7 Installed Server

You can now provide Audio streaming hosting Solution from CentOS7 Installed Server. Our Control Panel Everest Cast Pro is Compatible with CentOS 7 Installed Server.

WHMCS Billing Automation

For the automated account creation we have WHMCS Module, ready for everything automated and you don't have to create an account manually.

Centova Accunt Migration

Easy Account Migration from Centova Control Panel to Everest Cast Pro. Import Customer Accounts & Media Files in One Click.

Features for Hosting Providers

Everest Cast Pro Panel offers powerful features for Audio Stream Hosting Providers.

Features for

Everest Cast Pro Panel Offers Powerful Features for Individual Broadcasters.

Radio Station Automation

Everest Cast Pro Panel allows you to create and schedule server-side different types of playlists to automate your Audio service just like a real Radio Station. Now Creating Online Radio Station is Fun & Easy with Everest Cast Pro Panel.

Advanced Playlist Scheduler

Control panel allows you to create different types of playlist schedulers. Control Panel allows different types of schedules.


Without any desktop based encoder simply relay your Radio Station Channel on Facebook & YouTube from your Broadcaster Dashboard with single click and grow your Audience.

Website Integration Widgets

For quick implementation in your website get different Widgets Script for your website.

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

IceCast, IceCast-Kh, SHOUTcast1 & SHOUTcast2 Hosting Control Panel

Everest Cast Pro is your First Choice for Internet Radio Hosting Control Panel. Because Everest Cast Pro is 100% stand-alone Internet Radio Hosting Control Panel, which is designed to function either as a dedicated server or virtual private server which support installation on CentOS 7.

Everest Cast Pro back-end is powered by Django REST framework, front-end is AngularJS & Vue.js with many additional modules & Streaming daemon is written in C++ for best performance. It provides a graphical interface & automation tools design to simplify the process of Internet Radio Hosting Solutions.


Everest Cast Pro : Audio Streaming Control Panel Admin & Broadcasters Dashboard Tour.