Everest Cast Pro - Update Timeline

May 10 3.11.4

    ✅ The accuracy of music file length calculation is greatly improved, that improves playlist duration calculation.

    ✅ Fixed broken playlist track removal.

    ✅ Mapbox API (service that is used to display listeners on map) is now upaded according to their recent requerements.

    ✅ Backup menu fixed in admin area.

    ✅ Fixed overlapping events in the scheduler.

May 6 3.11.3

    ✅ Memory leak fixed when Auto DJ is disabled for an account and someone is connecting as a live DJ.

    ✅ Fixed: "Remove selected" tracks button now works for very longs playlists with lots of files selected for removal.

    ✅ Statistics fix: traffic was not counting for SSL ports.

    ✅ Several fixes to the scheduler.

    ✅ Improved unicode support for MP3 tags.

    ✅ Extended mp3 tags support is now added for jingles, so they have album, year, composer and other tags as well as normal music files.

    ✅ Resellers section display fixed in admin area.

April 29 3.11.2

    ✅ Updated install/update scripts to work with the recent Centos Linux changes

    ✅ Fixed "Play" button next to the playlist which starts playing them by creating an event in the scheduler

    ✅ Fixed SSL configraion when Icecast channel changes to Shoutcast and vice-versa

    ✅ Fixed images in tracks history was broken in some cases

    ✅ Fix: for jingle block that have a random track in the middle now there is a check to prevent same track repetition

    ✅ Fixed script that collects listeners statistics, the performance is improved

    ✅ Fixed repeating events with time zone enabled (1 hour off problem)

April 24 3.11.1

    ✅ Scheduler improvements for better timezone support

    ✅ Small fix for image extraction from MP3 files

    ✅ Small fix to support unicode character set in album title MP3 tag

April 21 3.11.0

    ✅ Speed improvements in the Scheduler section loading

    ✅ Bugfix : Admin area update: responsive design for the broadcasters list

    ✅ Bugfix : WHMC module updates and fixes (Now you can upgrade/downgrade template based accounts)

    ✅ New : Option to set incoming metadata character incoding for DJs

    ✅ New : Centova cast account migration (After migrated your admin password will be username+123 eg. everestcast123)

    ✅ New : Added support for remote (via URL) fies playback in playlists, jingles and jingle blocks

    ✅ New : Complete rewrite of timezone support (it is recommended to check and update all jingles, jingle block and schedule to make sure the TimeZone and hours are correct)

April 7 3.10.0

    ✅ New: iTunes, Last FM API added to find album covers for tracks if album art is missing in MP3 tag.

    ✅ New: Relays updated to support low quality (mono, low bitrate) streams.

    ✅ New: Custom Metadata format for AutoDJ, for example you can now use "Artist - Album" meta format instead of "Artist - Title". Other macros are also available, see Settings for the new option.

March 27 3.9.0

    ✅ New: Port 443 (HTTPS) proxy for streams (SHOUTcast)

    ✅ New: German translation

    ✅ New: WHMCS module functionality update (Account Create from Configurable Options)

    ✅ New: Shoutcast2 HTTPS native support with Shoutcast Premium plan

    ✅ Update Timeline Applied on license Page

March 2 3.8.1

    ✅ Bug Fix: Shoutcast 100% CPU usage when config file is missing or incorrect.

    ✅ Bug Fix: Now it is not possible to create a port 80 proxy with an existing URL

    ✅ Bug Fix: FLAC is now also upload-able via WEB interface

    ✅ Bug Fix: A DJ being created instead of relay when adding a new relay

    ✅ Bug Fix: Fixed 100% CPU usage when relay can not connect to the source server

    ✅ Bug Fix: Minor fixes and improvements

February 26 3.8.0

    ✅ Bug Fix: Minor Fixes And Improvements

    ✅ Bug Fix: Live Broadcast Stability Improvements

    ✅ Bug Fix: Relays Stability Improvements

    ❤️ Feature: New Jingle Type - Play Every N Minutes From Time A Till Time B

Feb 11 3.7.0

    Finally we have released Everest Cast Pro Provisioning Module for WHMCS. Feature Included in WHMCS Provisioning Module:

    ♥ Account Auto Create/ Auto Suspend/ Auto Terminate Feature

    ♥ Broadcasting Port Insert Option while creating manual account from WHMCS Admin

    ♥ Upgrade/Downgrade Option only for Listeners limit (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Upgrade/Downgrade Option only for Traffic per month (megabytes) (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Upgrade/Downgrade Option only for Disk quota (megabytes) (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Upgrade/Downgrade Option for Radio stations limit (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Upgrade/Downgrade Option for Radio channels limit (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Admin Password Change

    ♥ Login Password Change

    ♥ Allow Youtube streaming (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Allow Facebook streaming (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Allow VK.com streaming (Configurable Options)

    ♥ Auto password and details sync with WHMCS Admin to control panel

    ♥ Server Sync Tool

Feb 2 3.6.1

    ✅ Hotfix: Jingle blocks without the track refused to play

Feb 1 3.6.0

    ✅ Fix: minor fix in track requests and interval jingles

    ✅ New: Added additional settings in jingles and block to allow temporary disable and rotation start/end dates

    ✅ New: Added /opt/bin/ss_enable utility to add HTTPS support for streams and the hosted domain

    ✅ New: Added /opt/bin/change_host utility to change server hostname

Jan 16 3.5.7

    ✅ Fixed: some events were incorrectly displayed in the scheduler

    ✅ Fixed: random track sometimes skipped and not being played in jingles block

    ✅ Added port 21 in FTP setting

Dec 30 3.5.3

    ✅ Fixed minor issue with random playlists playback

    ✅ Added a protection against same jingle repeat in Jingles

    ✅ Added a protection against same jingle repeat in Jingle Blocks for in/out jingles

    ✅ Added a protection against same track repeat when a Jingle Block has a random track selected

Dec 24 3.5.2

    ✅ Users will now see a notification about the update available and asked to restart their radio server if they are using an outdated version.

    ✅ All remaining problems with relays are fixed (metadata, sound artifacts on some streams).

    ✅ Several fixes in the scheduler.

    ✅ Memory leak fixed.

Dec 14 3.5.1

    ✅ It is now possible to update Icecast/Shoutcast admin password (see "Advanced" tab when you edit your channels)

    ✅ Relays buffering issue fixed

Nov 24 3.5.0

    ✅ Timezone Setting > You will find a new "Timezone" setting in the "Settings" section.

Oct 19 3.4.8

    ✅ New: SHOUTcast 2.6 support

    ✅ Security: API security improved: unauthenticated users can not upload music to the server.

    ✅ Bug Fix: prevent Auto-Dj from failures when Youtube configuration is incorrect.

Sep 25 3.4.7

    ✅ Now you can update admin password in case you forgot it.

    To Change Admin Password via SSH: /opt/sc_radio/manage.py change_admin_password

    This command will update admin password and print the new password to the console.

    ✅ Minor updates and improvements

Sep 16 3.4.6

    ✅ New: Album covers are now implemented for jingles

    ✅ New: Help message in the upload updated (notifies user that he needs to press "Upload" after dragging files into the drop area)

    ✅ Fix: Fixed album covers for tracks in jingle blocks

    ✅ Minor updates and improvements

Jul 14 3.4.5

    ✅ Language switcher fixed in the broadcaster admin panel

    ✅ New feature: create playlist copies. There is a new "Copy" button next to each playlist in the list, it creates a new playlist which is 100% copy of all playlist tracks.

Jul 6 3.4.4

    ✅ New translations added for Broadcaster Panel (Belorussian, Italian, Polish, Spanish)

    Admin ( Arab, Belorussian, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish)

    ✅ Player connection issues fixed

    ✅ Internal bugs fixed

May 25

    ✅ BugFixed : Radio Offline issue.

May 22 3.4.3

    ✅ Schedule issue fixed

May 6

    ✅ WHMCS Provisioning Modules V 2.0 Released

May 4 3.4.2

    ✅ Option to limit the number of channels while creating broadcasters accounts

    ✅ Option for Icecast-kh in broadcasters account creation

    ✅ Improvements for reliability

Apr 8 3.4.1

    ✅ XSPF link added for Icecast streams

    ✅ Improved music processing performance

    ✅ Icecast-kh support added

    ✅Improvements for reliability

Apr 3 3.4.0

    ✅ Backup/restore system is ready. You can click a "Disk" icon next to broadcaster in the list and setup automatic backup or backup right away by pressing "Backup now".

    All backups are stored into /var/users/backup.

    Backup files may be extremely big cause they have all the music files, so the best way to download them is by using SSH or FTP directly from /var/users/backup.

    To restore one or several backups you should upload backup files into /var/users/backup_restore.

Apr 3 3.0.0

    ✅ Backup/restore system is ready. You can click a "Disk" icon next to broadcaster in the list and setup automatic backup or backup right away by pressing "Backup now".

    All backups are stored into /var/users/backup.

    Backup files may be extremely big cause they have all the music files, so the best way to download them is by using SSH or FTP directly from /var/users/backup.

    To restore one or several backups you should upload backup files into /var/users/backup_restore.

Mar 20 2.1.6

    ✅ Fixed a bug in the scheduler that started the wrong playlist

    ✅ Advanced listener stats (awstats) fixed for shoutcast streams.

    ✅ Improved WEB-player AAC format support.

Mar 5 2.1.5

    ✅ Account Port Issue Fixed.

Mar 4 2.1.4

    ✅ Improved external DJ connectivity.

    ✅ Scheduler updates and bug fixes.

    ✅ Restart Youtube live relay in case of connection failures.

    ✅ Improved Youtube streaming quality.

    ✅ Turkish translation added.

    ✅ Reseller account creation with WHMCS added (Note: Its only allow creation for now and not for suspend and delete)

    ✅ Fixed several very important issues.

Feb 26 2.1.3

    ✅ Added /var/users partition usage confirmation to the installation script

    ✅Broken "Edit" link in DJs fixed

Feb 25 2.1.2

    ✅ Relay other radio stations with a scheduler.

    ✅ Scheduler updates and bug fixes.

    ✅ Live Relay in Youtube.

    ✅ DJs API security updates.

    ✅ Listeners World map initial load fix.

Jan 22 2.1.0

    ✅ Fixed a bug that caused random jingles to skip.

    ✅ Track request widget made responsive and now looks better on small screens.

    ✅ Fixed admin password recovery.

    ✅ Fixed an issue with a logo loading over http protocol on https pages.

    ✅ Security & stability updates to track requests widget, current track status widget.

    ✅ Fixed broadcaster account password recovery.

    ✅ Software version control (see Settings -> Licence).

    ✅ It's possible to specify server type (Icecast/Shoutcast 1 or 2) upon account creation.

    ✅ Fixed issues with public Icecast streams.

Jan 15 2.0.3

    ✅ Fixed a bug that caused random jingles to skip.

    ✅ Track request widget made responsive and now looks better on small screens.

Jan 5 2.0.2

    ✅ Ukranian language added to the radio broadcaster panel

    ✅ Ukranian language added to the account management panel

    ✅ SSL issues fixed on mobile devices

Jan 4 2.0.0

    ✅ Fixed an error with account status showing "online" when account is "suspended".

    ✅ Fixed an error with accounts created with WHMCS and suspended after 5 minutes.

    ✅ Fixed WHMCS account termination error.

Dec 26 1.0.8

    ✅ Memory leak removed in mixed jingles

    ✅ Playlist random playback improvements

    ✅ Scheduler issues fixed

    ✅ DJ connection issues fixed

    ✅ Account creation date, Server status added the the broadcasters list

    ✅ Memory leak removed in mixed jingles

Nov 30

    ✅ Everest Cast Encoder captures audio from your line-in, microphone or any audio being played over your sound device and then encodes this audio in real-time to be streamed over the internet to listeners across the world - all with a single click of a button. Perfect for broadcasting live shows, sporting events or talk shows.


Nov 29 1.0.7

    ✅ Awstats language fix

    ✅ Session timeout for WHMCS login

Nov 24 1.0.6

    ✅ Plan text password issue fixed, now password is Encrypted.

Nov 23 1.0.5

    ✅ Button issue fixed

    ✅ Google Maps are replaced with Open Street map (Google maps are too expensive now)

    ✅ User Password Change and login issue fixed.

Nov 21 1.0.4

    ✅ Login as client session out issue fixed.

    ✅ Implemented Icon based Menu for Login as client, Edit, Delete, Suspend, Unsuspend & Add New Broadcaster.

    ✅ Forgot Password issue fixed.

    ✅ License type issue fixed.

    ✅ Hyperlink issue fixed.

    ✅ ShoutCast 1 and ShoutCast 2 not working issue fixed.

    ✅ Forbidden You don't have permission to access /awstats/awstats.pl on this server > Issue fixed.

    ✅ Mount Point issue fixed.

    ✅ Security Bug in Icecast Puts Online Radio Stations At Risk (https://goo.gl/vYNGQL) Issue fixed.

Nov 12 1.0.3

    ✅ Updated WHCMS module

    ✅ Fixed broken Shoutcast 1 & 2 installations

Nov 3 1.0.2

    ✅ AutoDJ is optional now and can be disabled

    ✅ Schedule bug fixed (incorrect days selection when Monday shifts to Tuesday)

    ✅ Default streaming port (For existing client maintain in same port while migrating from other portal) and default web panel port.

    ✅ You can now set the web interface port for every broadcaster

    ✅ You can now set the port range for every broadcaster

    ✅ Increased MySQL connections number

Oct 17 1.0.1

    ✅ SSL support with lets encrypt (ssl for the eb interface and for Icecast streams).

    ✅ "Login as broadcaster" now opens a new browser window or tab. Note: popup windows may be blocked in the browser, so make sure to enable them.

    ✅ Listening links fixed.

    ✅ Security issue fixed (when you could log in as different users after logging in as one user).

    ✅ Web Radio control panel now has a player for the streams at the bottom, it can play your streams and also can play separate files from different playlists.

    ✅ Default logo (globe + antenna) changed to everrest cast logo.

    ✅ Client accounts now have custom logo on the login page (if they have uploaded one).

    ✅ "Edit" function fixed for broadcaster accounts.

    ✅ Listeners Statistics date showing issue fixed.

    ✅ Uploaded music Data sync issue fixed.

    ✅ Fixed error that showed "You can not create more stations" when you try to edit some radio server.

    ✅ And More...

Sep 30 1.0.0

    ✅ Our Everest Cast Pro 1st Version 1.0.0 Released