VDO Panel Version 1.3.5 Released

  • Today, We’re happy to announce the release of VDO Panel (Video Streaming Control Panel): Version 1.3.5 Released.

    Major Update Included in Version 1.3.5

    √  Fixed : Bug for Nginx-RTMP module for buffering streaming issue
    √  Fixed : Bug in playlist management when updating playlist or removing videos from it will not restart streaming if not same playlist play now
    √  Fixed : Playlist Scheduler bug for after removing video files in case all playlists scheduler deleted itself
    √  Fixed : Login password characters bug


    To Apply Update

    Login to your server via SSH Root login is a requirement, the installation will not function if you are not logged in as root or have sufficient sudo privileges.

    Now Run the following command:

    vdopanel update


    As always, all kinds of feedback are greatly appreciated. Thank you, enjoy.